Lou Marvin Caraig

Head of Engineering at Athenian

24 June 2020

Accessing an unpublished port of a running Docker container

~ 13 mins read

You've just finally setup your Docker container and It’s up and running, but then when trying to access it from the host you realized that you didn't publish a port. Damn! Well if it's not a problem you can just stop it and re-run it again by providing the -p flags you need and the problem is solved…

4 November 2019

Running Jupyter Notebook in Docker using pydockenv in 80 seconds

~ 4 mins read

Here's a video showing how I was able to do it in 80 seconds: Cool right? And the only tools that you'll need are pydockenv and Docker of course. But let's proceed in order. What is pydockenv? pydockenv is a project which is currently in alpha stage whose goal is to give the same experience of using…

28 December 2018

Understanding image histograms with OpenCV

~ 17 mins read

In this post, I want to explore what is an image histogram, how it is useful to understand an image and how it can be calculated using OpenCV which is de facto the standard tool for computer vision. In this post, I'm going to use OpenCV 3 with Python 3.6. What is an image histogram? A histogram is a…

4 February 2017

Color quantization using k-means

~ 14 mins read

In this article, I'd like to talk about color quantization and how the k-means clustering algorithm can be used to perform it and how it performs compared to simpler methods. The snippets presented here are written in Python and come from this project. What is color quantization? Color quantization…