About me

Hi! My name is Lou Marvin Caraig! I live in Florence, Italy with my beloved wife and four year old daughter and I'm currently a Software Development Engineer at Viralize. I got my Bachelor degree in Computer Science with full marks and honour at the University of Florence in July 2013 and I started working in the same company I'm working now a month later.

This is not the first time I'm starting a blog, but the first attempt wasn't that successful also because I still didn't know what I want to talk about.

I've been interested in Machine Learning since I was at the University, infact my elective courses were Artifical Intelligence and Neural Networks. In these recent years I aslo developed a passion for data by working in projects involving Data Engineering skills. After being introduced to the world of data I discovered the thrilling field of Data Science. And that are what I mostly want to talk about: Data Science and Machine Learning (in particular applied to images and videos).

I'm an avid learner and I need feel that I'm improving everyday. Currently I'm self learning from MOOCs and various online resources, and in the future I'd like to also undertake a more structured learning path such as studying to earn a Master degree.

I occasionally develop and contribute to open source projects as can be seen from my Github account. For more details about my experiences you can check my Linkedin account.

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I'd also love to have feedbacks both negative and positive about my posts! So remember to leave a comment!